Producer of enhanced performance aromatic monomers.

Deltech LLC, established in 1988, produces enhanced performance aromatic monomers at our manufacturing facility in Baton Rouge, LA including:

  • para-Methylstyrene (PMS)
  • alpha-Methylstyrene (AMS)
  • Vinyl Toluene (VT)
  • Divinyl Benzene (DVB)
  • Tertiary Butyl styrene (TBS)
  • Custom Specialty Monomers

The site has maintained ISO 9001 Certification since 2004.

Deltech sells bulk shipments of vinyl toluene, para-methylstyrene, tertiary-butylstyrene, and divinylbenzene in North America (US, Canada, Mexico) as direct transactions.

Deltech uses distributors in the US to supply less than tanker quantities and orders for product in drums. We use a network of distributors outside the US to supply product to international markets. 

See an overview of our products on our Monomers Product page.

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