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Deltech Europe, Ltd., a UK registered company affiliated with Deltech Corporation, operates a resin manufacturing facility at Haverhill, Suffolk, England. The facility is located approximately 45 miles north east of London. The plant site is part of an industrial park with convenient access to major roadways that serve the UK and connect to main Channel ports for shipping to Continental Europe.

Coating resins and unsaturated polyester resins are produced in the multiple reactor units on the site including a developmental-scale reactor available for lower volume specialty resins. The facility operates a variety of blender units that allow adjusting a wide range of base resins to meet customerís individual needs. Thixotropic products with high solids loading can be manufactured.

The site at Haverhill allows optimal storage and raw material handling including the ability to receive and store maleic anhydride (MA) and phthalic anhydride (PA) in bulk to minimize emissions. Other difficult materials such as dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) and toluene diisocyanate (TDI) are received and used under strict UK environmental regulations. Glycols, monomers and various solvents are kept on site in extensive bulk liquid storage facilities.

Finished products can be shipped by bulk roadtanker, IBCs or drums and are currently distributed throughout the UK and Continental Europe.

A developmental laboratory on site is operated to evaluate product properties and develop new products. A primary objective of Deltech Europe, Ltd. is to formulate resins utilizing the unique properties of Deltech Corporationís range of specialty monomers which include para-methyl styrene (PMS), vinyl toluene (VT), tertiary butyl styrene (TBS) and divinyl benzene (DVB). New products are initially prepared on a laboratory scale for primary evaluation and then frequently tested in the plant developmental reactor to produce adequate quantities for the customers own testing and evaluation procedure.

Deltech Europe Ltd. produces a range of standard resins suitable for various applications. Customer specific resin formulations are also made under special agreement. Direct sale or toll manufacturing arrangements are available for customer resin manufacturing. Inquiries for resin manufacturing or development assistance are welcomed.


Long Oil - Medium Oil - Short Oil Alkyd Resins

Alkyd resins are produced by reacting a dibasic acid with a polyol and drying oil. The oil length of an alkyd resin is defined as the number of grams of oil used to produce 100 grams of resin. As the oil length of the resin increases, generally the viscosity decreases, the hardness of the film decreases, film flexibility increases and water resistance is reduced.

Alkyd resin products are suitable for a wide range of paint products with applications in decorative, maintenance and contractor paints where excellent gloss and good durability are required. Medium oil alkyds are easily air dried and are readily soluble in aliphatic solvents. Short oil alkyds are typically oven dried with the solubility limited to aromatic and other non-aliphatic solvents. Coatings systems manufactured using these resins are used in air drying primers for wood or metal, machinery enamels, industrial paints, traffic paints, floor enamels, and low bake finishes.

Modified Alkyd Resins

Alkyd resins are frequently modified to produce specific performance properties and finished film characteristics. Modifications can provide resin coating systems which yield more durable and more rapidly drying films and controlled flexibility, durability and hardness of the dried film.

Vinyl Toluene Modified Alkyds (VT Alkyds)

VT alkyds are used to formulate fast drying coatings systems with solubility in low cost aliphatic solvents. Coatings formulated with these resins yield films with good adhesion, chemical resistance, fast drying, durability, excellent solution color and color retention properties. These resins are used in the formulation of aerosol paints, sanding sealers, maintenance paints, caulking compounds, floor sealers, industrial coatings and toy hardware and metal furniture enamels. VT modified resins are available in either white spririt or dearomatized white spirit (e.g. D40).

Silicone Modified Alkyds

Silicone alkyds are a specialized series of products used to formulate coatings with excellent durability, toughness, abrasion resistance and resistance to cracking caused by severe temperature changes. These resins are used in maintenance paints for steel and concrete, highest quality maintenance finishes, exterior decorative and marine paints, coatings on brass and aluminum, and heat resistant paints.

Urethane Modified Alkyds

Urethane alkyds applications include clear wood varnishes, floor paints, clear sports floor coatings, industrial primers and finishes, inks, commercial vehicle finishes, decorative paints for external use and upgrading long oil alkyds. Deltech Europe, Ltd. urethane alkyds are usually modified with TDI but IPDI can also be used for special applications. A variety of solvents including white spirit, xylene/EPA and D40 can be used for these products.

Deltech Europe, Ltd. is a member of the European Resin Manufacturers Association (ERMA) and maintains a listing of our available surface coating products in the ERMA Resins directory on the ERMA web site. Click on the link below to visit the ERMA web site.

European Resin Manufacturers Association


Deltech Europe, Ltd. manufactures ortho-phthalic, iso-phthalic and DCPD based unsaturated polyester resins at the Haverhill facility. A range of standard styrene monomer formulated products can be produced for casting, laminating, molding and pultrusion applications. Products for anchoring bolts, electrical encapsulation, filament winding and polymer concrete are also available.

Many of these applications can utilize low styrene or non-styrene resin products which substitute Deltech Corporation enhanced specialty monomers for styrene monomer to provide lower emissions and other beneficial properties. All products can be modified to meet the customers individual requirements.


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